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SDC Enoma's director Savio DSilva is a reputed counselor and highly experienced trainer that offers online courses in Public Speaking and Personality Development. Join the first and best online course in Public Speaking and Personality Development under the expert guidance of Savio DSilva today.


Free Public Speaking Tips MP3
Listen to the 1st Volume of Savio Sir's amazing "500 Public Speaking Tips" audio book series. You will get a good idea about Savio Sir's training methods used in this online course by listening to this exclusive MP3. You can listen to it on your smart phone, tablet, computer or any MP3 player.


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Free Personality Test
Get an instant and detailed personality profile (over 1200 words) about your personality. Take the most popular personality test online. Created by Savio DSilva - the inventor of the Picture Personality Test.

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Best Course Option
SDC Enoma offers a 3 Weeks online course in Public Speaking and Personality Development. This 3 weeks course is most suitable for those that want to get the best results out of the course and have 2 hours (or more) to devote to the online training program every day of the course.

Upcoming Batches
27th March (Batch Almost Full)
3rd April (Batch Full)
10th April (Batch Almost Full)
17th April (Admissions Open)
24th April (Admissions Open)
1st May (Admissions Open)
8th May (Admissions Open)
15th May (Admissions Open)
22nd May (Admissions Open)
29th May (Admissions Open)

Course Fees
Public Speaking & Personality Development Course = Rs. 3500 2500

Course fees are scheduled to increase to Rs.3500 on 28th March. Enroll today.

The fees include training charges, online activity costs and other course charges.

Students love SDC Enoma. Register now as we offer Limited Seats per batch.

Admission Procedure
Step 1 - Fill up the admission form (provided below) and submit it.

Step 2 - Pay the course fees by debit / credit card / net banking through Instamojo's secure payment platform.

Step 3 - You get a payment confirmation instantly and are granted access to the course forum on the batch starting date.

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These online courses are conducted exclusively by Savio DSilva, Director of SDC Enoma, a highly experienced trainer & counselor who has coached thousands of students in Public Speaking & Personality Development. He has received excellent feedback after every batch (both online and offline). The objective of the training program is to develop your personality, increase your confidence and enhance the quality of your life.

Best Online Public Speaking And Personality Development Course
This is an online course of 3 Weeks (18 sessions on 21 days) in Public Speaking And Personality Development. This online Public Speaking and Personality Development course is designed to develop your personality, enhance your speaking skills, overcome your fear of speaking in front of others, and increase your confidence. The online course trains you to maximize your potential and develops your personality through unique and interesting teaching techniques. You will be able to speak confidently and effectively in public on course completion.

Over 20 Hours Of Personality Development Audio Material
The topics provided in audio book format include time management, goal setting, effective listening tips, anger management, brain fitness, positive forces of nature, grooming skills, personal hygiene, cellphone etiquette, Pareto principle, Kyoto bamboo story, table manners, switch off principle, 1400 secrets of successful people and more. The covers of the Audio Books are provided below...

Over 10 Hours Of Public Speaking Audio Material
SDC Enoma provides over 10 hours of audio books in the form of MP3 files. The topics covered inside these audio books include over 500 public apeaking tips, overcoming fear, speech writing tips, audience analysis, delivery of speeches, presentation skills, how to answer questions and body language.

Top Course Faculty
Savio DSilva, Director of SDC Enoma, is the most reputed public speaking and personality development trainer in Mumbai with dozens of press clippings and ample media coverage for his experience, expertise and talents in soft skills training and counselling. He has multiple qualifications in Psychology, Counselling and Management making him one of the most qualified trainers in India today.

He has appeared on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and the internet for his expertise in various subjects. The Times of India, DNA, Indian Express, Hindustan Times, India Today, FHM Magazine, All India Radio, UTVi, DD News, Radio City, Big FM,, Sahara Samay, Zoom TV, the Blitz, the Afternoon, etc. have covered, featured or interviewed him during the last 2 decades.

He has tons of positive testimonials for his courses and is well known for being a teacher who gets excellent results in every training program that he conducts. Participants of his online courses are guaranteed to build their confidence and develop their personality thus enabling them to maximise their potential while achieving greater success in their chosen fields.

His unique ways of online teaching and innovative writing activities help students learn a lot about themselves and mature into fine human beings within a short span of time. Students have simply loved his way of conducting the online training programs.

Course Testimonials
This class has helped me a lot. After attending this course, I feel confident and bold. I have a strong feeling that I can easily communicate with anyone and also can improve my body language. Your classes are just magical.. I learned to interact with people and also to make new friends. The change in me is just in front of you. During my 1st week, I was very quite and could not interact with others. But, suddenly during my last week, I was bold enough to speak up what was in my mind. I also had an argument with a friend which shows that your classes have changed me completely. I can never forget your training sessions, your guidelines and your efforts to make us the best. I would have regretted if I hadn't attended this course. You are the best. I just want to say that it was a wonderful experience being part of this course with you. Thank you sir for whatever you have done for all your students. Thank you very much. - Komal T

It is said that life shows us something totally unexpected at times and that is the same thing that happened with me with Savio Sir. On the first day, I thought that this course would not be what I thought. Then by the values taught by sir I realized that i was missing out on something huge. So for the next one week, I spent more time on the notes and practicals. After the second week, I started excelling at home, my new behavior and attitude was praised and I suddenly started feeling proud of myself, this may not cause a drastic change to the so called world but to my life "Savio Sir" has really really worked wonders. I would really really want to rewind back my life till the start of my "wonder days" on Enoma. - Neha S

Thanks to Savio Sir, my life has changed my life and my whole outlook towards life also changed. He has also taught me the actual meaning of "living life to the fullest" and also helped me climb a few more ladder levels to my success and all again goes to Savio Sir and the efforts that he has taken in training me and my companions. His timeless spirit and efforts have motivated me to the top of the hill and nevertheless he also put efforts to make our journey towards success easier. The day after my course, I woke up & felt a different me in myself and I felt it very very dynamically and I felt a hike in my inner as well as outer potential. And that is all thanks to You. I was transferred from an introvert to an extrovert, shy to open minded, clustered to liberal and most important of all I was changed to a thinker from an ideology. These drastic changes have occured only thanks to Savio Sir and hats off to him as every day I read his notes about various parts of life...The phrase i would use to define Savio Sir would be "Savio Sir is the Einstien of Soft Skills." - Vihaan D

It has been an incredible experience learning under Savio Sir. He is extremely friendly and helpful. I think it has been very enriching and taught me to look at things in a completely different light. I will definitely value that the most. Sir really spends time with me to improve my personality. And his stories are superb. Hats off to Savio Sir for organizing such wonderful online classes. Sir simply Rocks. I am very happy to have joined this course and I have made new friends and learnt a lot under Sir. - Ami P

Course Features
3 weeks Public Speaking and Personality Development course by a Master trainer.
First to offer online Public Speaking and Personality Development courses in India.
Increase your confidence and speak more effectively with other people.
Access to over 20 Hours of Personality Development training in MP3 format.
Access to over 500 Public Speaking tips in Audio Book format.
Flexible hours of classes, log in anytime, easy and convenient learning.
24x7 access to our course forum to read notes and download audio books.
Tap into your full potential and enhance your personality in just 21 days.
Fun and simple online activities that quickly develop your personality.
Interesting course activities that quickly boost your self confidence.
Several students trained successfully with excellent feedback.
Develop your personality by listening to provided audio books.
Learn anytime during the day, from your own home, no travel required.
Individual attention and personal feedback given by Savio Sir.
Easy online practicals that enhance your confidence swiftly.
Learn grooming skills, time management, goal setting, and memory improvement.
Learn anger management, personal hygiene, brain fitness, and focus.
Access to over 400 pages of carefully crafted course notes.

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Public Speaking Course Schedule

All 500 Public Speaking tips are provided in text and MP3 format. All speech practicals must be uploaded after recording the speech on your PC or mobile phone. Students get individual feedback from Savio Sir on each speech.

Personality Development Course Schedule

There are simple and quick written practicals on each day of the course. Students can participate in these activities anytime during the day or night. Our course area is open 24x7.

24x7 Forum Access
Each student registered for this course gets 24x7 access to our full fledged Course Forum. Students can read and reply to forum posts from there. They can download audio books and read through course notes at their own leisure. All course activity takes place through the course forum.

Excellent Practicals
The course is filled with interesting practicals that include writing, speaking and listening activities which emphasize on communicating with effectiveness while greatly enhancing your personality. All practicals are provided on the course forum everyday. The course is structured in such a manner that you develop your personality and boost your confidence in 3 weeks only.

Time needed to complete daily lessons and practicals is approx. 3 hours. Course topics and practicals are carefully selected. The importance of each topic and practical will be understood more clearly by the student as the course progresses.

Students participate in interesting online practicals every day. Practicals generally contain simple writing and speaking activities that are based on course modules and specifically designed to build your confidence and personality through innovative teaching techniques. These activities help you build your confidence and effectiveness a lot.

Personal Messaging
We use our own PM system so that students can directly receive feedback from Savio Sir and can co-ordinate with him anytime they want. This PM facility helps in receiving many times more feedback and support than a student would get by attending a classroom course.

24x7 Learning
SDC Enoma courses provide a course page from where students can participate in practicals from the comforts and safety of their own home. Having one of the country's top counselors as your personal coach ensures that you develop yourself quickly. Feedback is provided directly by Savio Sir on each speech thus greatly increasing the performance of each student. The course has been formulated in such a way that each participant gets ample practice during the course. Savio Sir conducts the online course through innovative teaching methods and students will have an improved personality on course completion.


There are 2 personality contests held in Mumbai each year. These events are not compulsory but definitely help in students gaining more confidence and personally meeting Savio DSilva. Snacks and beverages are also served. There are nominal charges for students to participate in these contests. However, sometimes, we cannot accommodate all students due to limited seating space.

Common Questions
Do I need a Microphone (Mic) for the online course?
- Yes, a mic would be preferable but if you have a Smart Phone with video recording facility then you can submit your speech assignments using the same. There are reading and speech practicals that must be recorded either on your smart phone or computer and uploaded using our online upload form.

How are the practicals conducted?
- Practicals are provided on the course forum. Savio DSilva will review each speech assignment and give you feedback on the same.

Are there any speech practicals during the course?
- There are 6 to 10 speech practicals conducted during the course. These practicals are important to boost your confidence. All speech recordings must be done in audio or video format using your Computer or Smart Phone.

How are the course notes provided to me?
- All course notes are provided to you day-by-day on the course forum. You will receive an ID and Password to enter the forum area once your batch starts. SDC Enoma has formulated hundreds of pages of course notes covering all mentioned topics in the course schedule. All notes are in PDF and / or HTML format which can easily be read by any internet browser. Writing activities are in HTML format and must be completed while connected to the internet.

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